<font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="3" color="#333366"> <h1>Candidature Paris 2012 club des entreprises</h1> <p><i><b>La candidature Paris 2012 </b></i>est porté par le Club des Entreprises<br> La candidature pour les <strong>jeux olympiques à Paris en 2012</strong> est lancé.<br> </font>


In June 2003, Bertrand Delanoë, the Mayor of Paris, asked Arnaud Lagardère, the president of Lagardère SCA, to co-ordinate the support of the companies for the Paris candidacy to host the Olympic Games and Paralympics of 2012.
A few days later , Arnaud Lagardère accepted with enthusiasm and created "The Corporate Club Paris 2012". This club, that he is the president of, has now assembled eighteen of the greatest international groups together:

Accenture, Accor, Airbus, Air France, Bouygues, Carrefour, Crédit Agricole, EDF, France Télécom, Gaz de France, Lafarge, Lagardère, LVMH, Publicis, RATP, Renault, Sanofi-Aventis, Sodexho, Suez et VediorBis.

These large companies, which count for more than two million collaborators throughout the world, have decided to offer their expertise as well as their financial support to the candidature (equivalent to more than 30 million euro). These companies, the first supporters for the Paris candidacy 2012, had as an objective to mobilise the French economic resources in every diversity in order for Paris to succeed in hosting the Games.


"There is a similarity with our trade: to lead and succeed in our projects in due time."


Hotels & Services  

"Team spirit and the spirit of competition are part of our values, and we take a great deal of pride in this partnership."

 Jean-Marc ESPALIOUX - Chairman of the management board


"The spirit of the Airbus company, that has always had a pioneering strength in civil aviation, is close to the Olympic spirit."

Noël FORGEARD - President & C.E.O. of Airbus

Construction - Telecoms - Medias  

"Today, for the third time, Bouygues is bringing its support to Paris’ bid to host the Olympic Games. A riveting challenge for 2012."

Martin BOUYGUES - Chairman and CEO

Retail Distribution  

"Our support is natural. Effort, respect, sharing, team spirit and solidarity, these Olympic values also steer the daily performance of our company."

 Jose Luis DURAN - CEO


"Vitality, universality and the sporting spirit are values held high by Olympism and shared by Crédit Agricole."

 René CARRON - Chairman


"Our support represents our strong attachment to the core values of the sporting spirit."

 Pierre GADONNEIX - Chairman


"France Telecom Group hopes to provide that extra something that will put Paris’ bid over the top."

 Didier LOMBARD - Chairman & CEO


"Lafarge wishes to contribute to the promotion of a strong construction, combining economical performance, respect for the environnement and aesthetic quality"

 Bernard KASRIEL - CEO


"Our mobilisation provides the vital push needed to make the bid a success."

 Arnaud LAGARDERE - CEO & Chairman of the Corporate Club


"It comprises two things at the same time; a very beautiful dream as well as a beautiful project for the people."

 Maurice LEVY - CEO


"The Company has already taken a successful part in serving major sporting events."

 Anne-Marie IDRAC - Chairman & CEO


"Paris 2012 is a challenge on par with our ambitions and our passion for sports at the highest level."

 Louis SCHWEITZER - Chairman & CEO

Food services  

"Sodexho's job is to improve the quality of daily life and sport is the one of the best ways to live better. A school of life!"

 Pierre BELLON - Chairman & CEO

Environment Energy  

"Suez employees are proud to offer their support. Coming together to bolster Paris for this major event is an enthralling challenge."

 Gérard MESTRALLET - Chairman & CEO


"Citius, Altius, Fortius for the Games in 2012 with VediorBis and Paris."

 Philippe SALLE - Chairman & CEO

Discover some of the companies which already joined us

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