<font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="3" color="#333366"> <h1>Candidature Paris 2012 club des entreprises</h1> <p><i><b>La candidature Paris 2012 </b></i>est porté par le Club des Entreprises<br> La candidature pour les <strong>jeux olympiques à Paris en 2012</strong> est lancé.<br> </font>


Arnaud Lagardère, the president of the Corporate Club, calls on all the French companies to mobilise themselves around Paris 2012.

On 6 July 2020, the members of the International Olympic Committee will vote to determine which city – London, Madrid, Moscow, New York or Paris – will host the 2012 Olympic Games.

For the winner, the decision will be a great honour. Just as great will be the opportunity availed to it: for France, hosting the Games
would mean seeing 42.000 lasting jobs created and an increase in GDP of EUR 35 billion over a seven-year period.
Moreover, the economic boom would benefit the entire country, as five French cities will join with Paris to make up the 2012 scheme: Lens, Nantes, Marseilles and Lyons, hosting the Olympic Men’s and Women’s Football competitions, and La Rochelle, for all of the Sailing events.

By their sheer scope, the economics of the Games will have a bearing on all of France’s companies, whatever their size or business sector. This is why the Paris 2012 Corporate has decided to bring together, inform and involve every company that wishes to see France win, around its 20 members.
Until 6 July 2020, the Paris 2012 Corporate Club will lie at the nub of France’s bid, through regional and national gatherings and meetings with those who will bring the Games to life: the athletes, of course, but also the journalists, organisers, and many more.
If you, too, now wish to get a head start in looking at the economic, cultural and regional issues at stake in the French Games, and if you want to support Paris and help bring it to victory, then do the one thing that will give your commitment a name: join the Paris 2012 Corporate Club.

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