<font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="3" color="#333366"> <h1>Candidature Paris 2012 club des entreprises</h1> <p><i><b>La candidature Paris 2012 </b></i>est porté par le Club des Entreprises<br> La candidature pour les <strong>jeux olympiques à Paris en 2012</strong> est lancé.<br> </font>


The Corporate Club was set up with the objective of contributing to the Paris election as host city for the Games in the summer of 2012.

For that, the Club has assigned four main tasks in close and permanent collaboration with the Candidacy Committee Paris 2012:

To help the candidature technically:

The “Official Supporters” have decided to contribute to the drafting of the technical dossier of the Candidacy Committee which will be presented to the CIO on the 15th of November.

For example, the RATP team is contributing on the Transport front and the Accor team is working on the Accommodation chapter.

To help the candidature financially:

As well as public aid granted by the state, the region of Ile-de-France and by the Candidacy Committee Paris 2012, the Corporate Club has decided to take part financially in the Paris candidacy.

The Club has become the largest contributor for the candidature, with a continuously rising budget of around thirty million euros.

To mobilise the French economic fabric:

Conscious of the exceptional interest, as well as the technological, social and economic opportunities, that a competition like Olympic Games could offer France, the Club intends to mobilise all of France’s economic fabric around Paris 2012.

To show France, the world and the CIO that the Paris candidacy is supported by its companies, this strengthens Paris 2012 in their desire for winning the Games.

To reinforce the communication of the candidature:

In complement to the general public communication campaign that it can also finance, the Corporate Club is a powerful communication tool for Paris 2012.

The Club is made up of companies that are in favour of the carrying the candidature, wanting to carry high the strong colours of Paris 2012.

Discover some of the companies which already joined us

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